Submission Guidelines for Nightmare Narratives

*Nightmare Narratives is currently closed to submissions. If you wish to submit a piece for our anthology please see our anthology guidelines*

Send your manuscript to, stating clearly in the subject line, 'Nightmare Narratives'

Submitting your manuscript for Nightmare Narratives is completely free. 


  • Get Paid Upfront: We offer an initial payment of £5.00 for every story chosen for our Nightmare Narratives service, regardless of being published in the anthology.
  • Bonus for Anthology Publication: If your story is later selected for one of our our anthologies, you'll receive an additional £50.00.
  • Author Perk: Every author featured in Nightmare Narratives receives complimentary access to our membership service!
Word Count and genres accepted:
  • Word count must be between 3000 and 15000 words
  • Genres accepted are horror and dark fantasy
  • Unpublished manuscripts only

Review Timeframes:

  • Authors can expect to be notified of their submission decision within 2-4 weeks following receipt of their story by Dark Holme.
Explore Dark Holme While You Wait:
  • To enhance your experience while awaiting your submission decision, we invite you to create a free account and enjoy a complimentary one-month membership to Nightmare Narratives.
  • Witness the Submission Process: Observe how stories are submitted and voted upon by the community.
  • Experience the Community: Engage with fellow horror enthusiasts and explore the vibrant world of Nightmare Narratives.
  • By creating a free account, you can gain valuable insight into our platform and delve deeper into the world of dark fiction.
Your Rights:
  • You Keep Control: Submitting your story doesn't give us any rights to your work.
  • Rights for Anthology Only: If your story is chosen for the anthology, specific rights will be outlined in a separate agreement you'll receive by the end of the month.
  • Let Us Know About Other Publications: If your story gets accepted elsewhere after being chosen for Nightmare Narratives, please inform us promptly. In that case, it wouldn't be included in the anthology.
  • Withdrawal Right: You can request us to remove your story at any point.

For more information on how it works visit our Nightmare Narratives membership page.