Meet Kerry Holmes: Keeper of Dark Narratives

In the daylight hours, Kerry Holmes might appear as your quintessential neighbor. Perhaps you catch her meticulously tending to her garden, its vibrant blooms a stark contrast to the shadows that lie beneath. Or maybe you spy her through the window, nestled with a well-loved book and a steaming cup of tea – the epitome of domestic serenity.

But beyond this façade lies a different narrative. Kerry, a 47-year-old with a mischievous gleam in her eyes and a proud bond with her six feline companions, harbors a fascination with nightmares. Armed with degrees in Creative Writing, English Literature, and a Master's in Publishing, she fearlessly navigates the darkest recesses of the human mind.

It was during her Masters that Kerry's path veered towards founding Dark Holme Publishing. Through extensive research into inclusivity within traditional publishing, she discovered a glaring absence. This revelation, coupled with her own experiences as a horror short story writer, unearthed a void in the literary world. There were few publishing houses catering to this particular niche, especially those dedicated solely to short stories.

Driven by a passion to fill this void and amplify diverse voices, Kerry embarked on a mission. Dark Holme Publishing became more than just a venture; it became a haven for marginalized narratives, a sanctuary for those drawn to the macabre.

Do not be deceived by the charming exterior. Kerry Holmes is a curator of the enigmatic, a purveyor of whispers, and the architect of a realm where reality intertwines seamlessly with chilling fiction.

So, dear reader, if you dare to peer into the abyss, or perhaps crave to unleash the beasts lurking within your own imagination, then venture forth into the realm of Dark Holme Publishing. But be warned, once you step across its threshold, the shadows may ensnare you forevermore.