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 Ethereal Nightmares Vol 2: The Second Sleep Arrives Late October/Early November!

Ethereal Nightmares Vol 2: The Second Sleep isn't for the faint of heart. It's an invitation for horror and dark fantasy enthusiasts to confront the darkest corners of their own imagination. So, mark your calendars for late October/early November, turn off the lights, grab a blanket (you might need it for comfort!), and prepare to be swept away by a tide of chilling nightmares.

Don't miss the epic scares that await in Ethereal Nightmares Vol 2: The Second Sleep!

Calling all horror and dark fantasy aficionados! Prepare to be chilled to the bone with the arrival of Ethereal Nightmares Vol 2: The Second Sleep in late October/early November. This hauntingly immersive anthology features a collection of terrifying tales penned by a variety of talented authors.

The Second Sleep promises to be a standalone masterpiece, offering a diverse array of nightmares to keep you up at night. Each story will delve into the unsettling realm where nightmares take shape, guaranteed to leave you questioning the very nature of sleep.

Here's what you can expect:

  • A Symphony of Shivers: Experience a chilling chorus of voices as different authors explore the depths of human fear. Each story promises a unique descent into the world of nightmares.
  • A Deliciously Dark Premise: "The Second Sleep" hints at a deeper level of unconsciousness. What chilling secrets and horrors might be unearthed in this unexplored territory of the mind?
  • A Thrilling Standalone Experience: Whether you're a seasoned horror reader or a newcomer to the Ethereal Nightmares saga, The Second Sleep promises a terrifying journey into the darkness.
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