Elevate Your Storytelling at Dark

At Dark Holme, we're thrilled to unveil our new editorial service, designed to help you refine your short stories and captivate your readers. Whether you're seeking insightful feedback, structural improvements, or a meticulous polish, we offer a range of services to suit your needs and budget.

  • Get Valuable Feedback: Gain fresh perspectives on your story for just £10.00.
  • Sharpen Your Structure: Ensure a captivating flow with structural edits at £25.00.
  • Perfect Your Prose: Enjoy a comprehensive full edit at £0.03 per word, meticulously polished for maximum impact. (Please email directly to discuss your needs and payment methods for this service).
  • Professional Proofreading: Eliminate errors and inconsistencies with professional proofreads starting at £35.00 per story.

Please note: Our services are currently available for short stories only, with a maximum word count of 5000. Submit your work with ease and pay securely through our convenient PayPal button below.

Let Dark Holme help you transform your short story into a masterpiece.

*Send your maunscripts to kerry@darkholmepublishing.uk, stating clearly which service you would like.*

Structual edits - £25.00

Proof reading - £35.00

Feedback - £10.00