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A fine collection of haunting stories

Ethereal is a good term for this anthology, as practically every story has a dreamlike tone. Not every one is full of terror and dread, but they all have surprises. I think my favourite is the pleasantly gruesome ‘Hunger,’ which has a fantastic last line. ‘Godhead’ is probably the creepiest, and I also particularly liked ‘We Two Must Part, With Sad Reluctance’ and ‘Before Nightfall.’ Overall, a great first anthology from a new publisher, and I hope Ms Holmes produces many more.

L.N. Hunter


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Ethereal Nightmares: An Anthology of Twsited Tales

The Tang of Decay, a Whisper of Dread

The cloying sweetness of rot hangs heavy, clinging to the air like a shroud. A forgotten basement. A creak, a groan – the floorboards protest your descent. You reach a doorway, its surface marred by frantic scratches, clawing desperately at the wood. What horrors lie hidden behind it?

This is just a glimpse, a fleeting breath of the nightmares that writhe within "Ethereal Nightmares: An Anthology of Twisted Tales."

Twelve Unearthed Horrors Await

Dive into twelve unsettling tales, each a portal to a world where reality itself becomes a warped reflection of your deepest fears. Desperation breeds nightmares in these chilling pages, driving characters to unthinkable choices. From the claustrophobic depths of forgotten tunnels to the desolate expanse of a wasted world, the veneer of normalcy crumbles, blurring the lines between sanity and madness.

Will You Face the Abyss?

Within the suffocating darkness, a flicker of defiance remains. Will you confront the creatures that lurk beyond the veil? Can you fight for your life against the ancient evils that stir in the shadows?

"Ethereal Nightmares" dares you to enter its twisted realm. Don't just read it. Live it